„Shopian suite“ Part of the show „Embroidery“, video „Shopian suite“ Part of the show „Embroidery“
Composer: Marek Dyakov   |   Performed by: Philharmonie "Pioneer" in NPC with the special participation of soloists from the orchestra of folk music at the Bulgarian National Radio Choreography: Miroslav Slavov
Kaval: Kostadin Genchev Bagpipe: Petio Kostadinov Choir: Women's choir "Cosmic voices of Bulgaria" and Ensemble "Gotse Delchev" Sofia
Conductor: Lubomir Denev - junior and YFE "Sourse"
Recorded: 2015  |   Duration: 5, 52 minutes

The combination between timbres of the symphony orchestra and those of the People orchestra is a new orchestral technique of Bulgarian composers from XXI century. This makes the melody very authentic and at the same time to be deployed in a great symphonic form .It is a wonderful opportunity for the author to create a melody in a traditional folk style and to be able to put it in a cultivated musical environment!

The show was filmed and broadcast by BNT

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