„Years perilous years“ - Marek Dyakov, video | premiere „Years perilous years“ Share
Composer: Marek Dyakov   |   Performed by: Choir "Cosmic Voices of Bulgaria"
Conductor: Nadezhda Ivanova
Recorded: February 2014 Sofia   |   Duration: 7, 20 minutes

Flew and withstood time, this song became my inspiration to create a new a cappella environment in which to reveal how I feel this song, how it resonates in my soul. I approached the score knowing that the text will dictate the means of expression I will use. The song "Years, perilous years" is from the repertoire of the famous Dobroudjan singer Verka Siderova the score I wrote and dedicated to the wonderful choir "Cosmic Voices of Bulgaria".

Have a good trip in this intense and rich Dobroudjan sensitivity!