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Founded : Year 2000

The accordion is one of the most popular musical instruments in the world. It is known on every continent and enjoys fans from all ages, due to allowing a multitude of musical genres to be performed on it. It is a single instrument with the resouces of an entire orchestra. On an accordion one can perform at the same time mellody, rhythmic and harmonic accompaniment and bass, and the richness of timbres is achieved by the registries at the two hands and by the most sensitive part - the bellows.

During the year 2000 I created an Accordion School at the National Palace of children, Sofia, because of an interest in sharing my experience as an instrumentalist and musician. In order for an accordion performer to build himself as a true instrumentalist, his training goes through several specific processes and overlays of technical skills, musical culture and aesthetics. These are my aspirations as a teacher - to give my students the most appropriate guidelines for technical mastery of the instrument, to build in them a high criteria for performance, to form a musical taste and last but not least - a feeling for self-control and self - assessment.

The aggregation of all these qualities opens the gates of that grand mystery, called MUSIC.