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Analysis and thoughts on the works of composer Marek Dyakov.

„Phylosophical depth of ideas, themes,messages and narratives ... “

Phylosophical depth of ideas, themes,messages and narratives. Professionalism andoriginality in their deployment and developement. Contemporary intelectual thought and fine aesthetics.
I do not know his character, but I enjoy his directness in comunicating and his sincere, infectious laugh. There is also a smile in his music - a thing which is known to be very rare and difficult in a musical score.
Hisk nowledge about folklore is impressive. The tiniest local, original, thought as imperceptible or weathered by time details, accents, particulars - Dyakov has not only discovered and mastered, but also creatively used and meaningfully incorporated in his scores. Only through knowledge, love and devotion to the spiritual heritage, professionalism, intelect and good taste can the folklore of Bulgarians preserve its originality and vitality. This is what Dyakov's work proves - and brings us pride and joy from the continuing presence of our folk music in our modern times.

Author: Rumiana Tzintzarska   |   Date: July 1, 2014
„For us - "Trio Imàge" - it is a true pleasure working with Marek ...“

Marek Dyakov is one of the most original and authentic Bulgarian composers of the new generation. His music blends the great richness of our folklore, the tradition of Bulgarian composing mastery, the creative depth and sincerety, originality and strong personal input. For us - "Trio Imàge" - it is a true pleasure working with Marek, playing his works on world renoun stages and always being accepted with delight and interest by thepublic.

Author: Trio Imàge   |   Date: June 19, 2014
„The song envelops you, imperceptibly penetrates into your heart and soul ... “

We are happy to have the opportunity to take a part in marek Dyakov's work and to create art together. Our cooperative work is inspiring and extremely exciting. His creative presence loads us with energy that flickers in every sound and tone of his works. "Years, perilous years" is an exceptional song, it carries the flavour of Dobrudga. Marek recreated that song expressly for our choir "Cosmic voices from Bulgaria". The song envelops you, imperceptibly penetrates into your heart and soul, flows with with sheer ease and you are being captured into an extraordinary sonority and heat. "Years, perilous years" is an embodiment of our longing for beauty in music and song. That magic Marek Dyacov has mastered to perfection.

„... he is one of the few lucky ones born with their trade ...“

I had the privilege and the pleasure to be a teacher of chamber music for Marek Dyacov when he, while being a student in "Pedagogy of music teaching" in St.St. Kirril and Methodius University, Veliko Tarnovo drew important strokes in his musical and artistic biography.
Through the years Marek's musical parts have developed in multiple directions. His seeking feel for improvement positions him as a solo performer, as an author of a multitude of pieces for National museum of Children, Sofia, and in the latter years as a conductor for ensemble "Gotze Deltchev", Sofia. If you listen to Marek on the concert stage, you will not miss the happiness of the contiguity with the art that shines on his face. To me he is one of the few lucky ones born with their trade. That is why I wish him health and "tailwind" in his next musical incarnations.

Author: Prof. Lilia Naumova   |   Date: April 26, 2014
„Exceptional positivism and freedom of the spirit“

Marek Dyakov is an artist who owns the exceptional aggregation of qualities most important for a a composer, conductor and performer, namely - love for music in general and Bulgarian folklore in particular, devotion, great professionalism, creativity and last but not least important - an exceptional positivism and freedom of the spirit. Working with Marek if pleasant and self-rewarding, communicating with him is charging. And something very important - when a great artist is also a great man, there is no way that his life and art are not full of conquered peaks!

Author: Ivelina Dimova – A voice from Dobrudga   |   Date: February 4, 2014
„... we trusted fully the composer Marek Dyacov..."“

И"We are extremely happy with our partnership, the propriety and limitless energy in our work together. Convinced in his professionalism, devotion and skills in creating folk musical projects we trusted fully the composer Marek Dyacov. The inspiring process during the creation of the music for our newest dance piece "Dobroudja Suite", the work with the musicians, the writing of the scores, the arrangement and the professionalism in the recording studio lead to the creation of a masterpiece.

To the fierce Dobroudja man Marek Dyacov we send our sincere wishes to continue finding inspirations for his creative projects, to keep aflame his love for folk music, to keep gather crowded halls and successes.