Концертна пиеса за акордеон и народен оркестър
„Folklore without borders“ No 1 | „Cycle of three plays for folk orchestra“, scores „Folklore without borders“ Share
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Composer: Marek Dyakov
Recorded: 2011 July USA  |   Duration: 5, 35 minutes

„Folklore without borders“ is a cycle of three plays for a big folk orchestra, built on author's thematicism. The play of timbres, the freedom of mellody to live in the different orchestra groups and the dialogue between them are part of the means of expression that provoke the senses of the listener. The orchestra is like a single living organism, passing through different emotional stages, guided by the author's hand.

„Folklore without borders“ No 1 is a competition play that received first prise for instrumental piece at the competition "New Bulgarian music" 2011. Chepelare, Bg.

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