Dancing show „Embroidery“, video Dancing show „Embroidery“
Composer: Marek Dyakov and Lubomir Denev – junior   |   Performed by: Philharmonie "Pioneer" and National Palace of Children (NPC) with the special participation of soloists from the orchestra of folk music at the Bulgarian National Radio  |  
Conductor: Lubomir Denev - junior and YFE "Sourse"  |  Kaval: Kostadin Genchev  |  Bagpipe: Petio Kostadinov  |  Choir: Women's choir "Cosmic voices of Bulgaria" and Anse "Gotse Delchev" city. Sofia.
Recorded: 2015  |   Duration: 3, 39 minutes

Dedicated to the 65 anniversary of the National Palace of Children Sofia city. Dance performance is created of composer Marek Dyakov and composer Lubomir Denev – Junior. The both composers built the music upon folk tunes and choreography is entrusted to the high professionalism of NDD teachers.
The story follows the unexpected journey of a group of youths who go to the past and future periods. In one of the trips girl and boy from different eras fall in love, but nevertheless, they can not be together, their love remains in eternity. This celebration will be attended by all children who study dance, and by those who are part of vocal and folk instruments formations in NDD. With more than 500 children - performers on the stage, the show combines folk and modern dances from different genres.

The show was filmed and broadcast by BNT

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