„Милост мира“ за народен хор и оркестър
„The Mercy of Peace“ - scores „The Mercy of Peace“ Share
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Composer: Marek Dyakov   |   Performed by: Choir „Cosmic voices from Bulgaria“ Kaval: Ivan Peichev Bagpipe: Petio Kostadinov
Gadulki: Christina Beleva, Violeta Petkova Tambura: : Veli Chaushev Kontrabass: Petar Milanov
Conductor: Marek Dyakov
Recorded: 2011 г. August-September USA  

Probably due to me attending the holiday services at the church in the Bulgarian village of Valia Perjey in Republic of Moldova for a period of several years, I have realized that in the cannons of orthodox singing there is a place for free and harmonic cohabitance with the timbres and sound extraction of folk singers. It was these type of singing timbres that created the holiday feeling and the feeling of humility among the laity. I am almost certain that was what provoked my consciousness to create this piece. I decided to include an orchestra of traditional Bulgarian folk instruments, with which to recreate the dialogue between priest and choir, where the orchestra virtually passes through the different folk regions of Bulgaria and in the choir parts i used the original text of the Church Slavonic chant "The Mercy of Peace"

The bravery with which I took on that eclecticism is conscious and I am glad that the sound of that idea of mine lives true and fierce, performed by marvelous singers and musicians.

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