„Slow melody and song“ for piano trio, video „Slow melody and song“ Share
Composer: Marek Dyakov   |   Performers: Trio Imàge Berlin Violin: Gergana Gergova Cello: Thomas Kaufman piano : Pavlin Neshev
Recorded:2011 February-March Sofia  |   Duration: 8, 15 minutes

"Trio Imàge" are of that highest cathegory of musicians, who can provoke creation with their music and the ideas they want to accomplish. They are the true reason for me to create these plays for piano trio. In this music live means of expression feom folklore, classocal tadition and even jazz. That symbiosis of genres was not seeked consciously, it is just a musical confession of mine, inspired by these musicians.

„Marek Dyakov is one of the most original and authentic Bulgarian composers of the new generation. His music blends the great richness of our folklore, the tradition of Bulgarian composing mastery, the creative depth and sincerety, originality and strong personal input. For us - "Trio Imàge" - it is a true pleasure working with Marek, playing his works on world renoun stages and always being accepted with delight and interest by the public.”
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