„Concert Play for accordion and folk orchestra“, video | premiere „Concert Play for accordion and folk orchestra“ Share
Composer: Marek Dyakov   |   Soloist: Marek Dyakov Cavals: Lubomir Zhelev, Ivan Peĭchev Bagpipe: Dinko Atanasov Gadulki : Christina Beleva, Violeta Petkova Tambura: Veli Chaoushev Contrabass: Peter Milanov
Conductor: Georgi Andreev
Recorded: August 2013 USA   |   Duration: 8, 07 minutes

In this instrumental piece lives a symbiosis between the Rhodope and the Thracian folklore region. It is the result of a purely instrumental creative invention. Accordion as an instrument of many genres, is mixed so organic in Bulgarian folk music that it has become a great support in my creative searches in folklore.

"Concert Play for accordion and folk orchestra" is a work created specifically for the competition "New Bulgarian folk music 7/8" - 2013 and was awarded the first prize by the audience vote.